The next level of concierge medicine starts with truly personal care.

This is no ordinary Internal Medicine practice. Dr. Ben Soffer’s membership-based concierge model is designed around optimal wellness and patient convenience.

Dr. Ben's mission is to provide you with convenient and superior medical care in the comfort of your own home.

Membership Benefits Include:

unlimited appointments

we come to you

same day appointments

small patient panel

24/7 access to Dr. Ben's cell

Start getting the care you deserve with Dr. Ben.

Preventative Care

Well check-ups, executive or yearly physicals, cancer screenings, and general health discussions and goal planning are some of the services available to our members.

Acute Symptom Care

We offer diagnostics for many acute conditions such as testing for COVID-19 and urinary tract infections.

Chronic Care Management

Comprehensive care plans for your chronic medical conditions or health problems. Blood testing, prescription refills, imaging and referrals to specialists.

Exceptional medical care is about more than just treating symptoms, it’s about changing your life.

Dr. Ben's goal is to improve and maintain your overall health. He aims to empower you with an understanding of your conditions and provide a complete wellness plan. Get started today on your path to wellness.

Dr Ben is dedicated to improving and maintaining your health.

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Memberships will be considered and accepted after evaluation in order to maintain quality and standard of elite concierge care.